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What does coaching mean...


For the client: starting with where you are now; your ideas on ‘where you want to be’ – ‘what you want to be different’; encouraging you to work out how you are going to get there; helping to open up more options to make your choices; working on positive ideas, recognising and avoiding negative thinking; putting the plan into action.


For the coach: holding the client accountable for their actions/inaction; listening and prompting; challenging and stretching; confidence building and encouraging – are among the key ingredients.


Whatever the issue is the agenda is the client’s and the coach is ‘on your side’.

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recent coaching clients include...

surveyor - just 40 - made redundant without warning - angry and struggling to get motivated to find a new job.




software manager - late 40s in his second career - made redundant after a protracted downsizing exercise - worried about his responsibilities and finding work quickly.




newly appointed director offered coaching by her employer to help her grown into the role.




stressed out manager fighting to reclaim her self-confidence.




experienced professional struggling to work with a newly appointed 'micro-managing' director.




finance director trying to handle difficulties with a colleague.




engineering director taken aback by the 'politics' of other members of the board.




female CEO of a membership organisation undermined by 'the lads'.

your help in finding a way through the fog has been truly appreciated.. I'll let you know how I get on!




I was as prepared as I think I could have possibly been... none of the questions came as a surprise and I had actually rehearsed answers for most. Thank you!





thank you so much for all your help.  It really helped me to crystallise my thoughts.




everyone is getting upset about the re-organisation - except me! It's not going to get me down as I now know how to handle it.


just had my half year review and it was probably the best meeting I've ever had with him!




I keep reminding myself that he doesn't have to be my 'best friend' for me to work with him properly.



thanks for your observations, it takes someone who is not involved to help you make sense of what's whirling round your head!


I've been practicing keeping focused on the 'business point of view' - not just what I thought was most important - it's really helping me to retain perspective.