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  •  deciding the contents of the role to best suit your business needs

  • attracting appropriate talent to your organisation using relevant selection techniques to suit the job

  • developing terms & conditions to cover the employee & protect your organisation

  • welcoming & involving new people so they are glad that they joined you


how we've helped with recruitment...

an engineering  company


we've been asked to set up a 'job-share' - I'm not sure about it - what should we do?




an entrepreneur


we've advertised for this job before but no one can do all of what we want.




an insurance firm


we've made a verbal offer to a candidate and now learnt that he may have health problems - what can we do?




a firm of accountants


we want someone with proper experience - how can we get it if we can't put the age in the advert - we might ask 'un-pc' questions and get into trouble?




a business consultancy


the last one left within the month - said he hadn't settled in - cost a fortune - we don't want that again.



we outlined the pros and cons of flexible working and job share, designed the role and helped to find a suitable job share partner.





we listened to what they wanted to achieve, redesigned the role and used competence based selection and psychometrics to find a suitable person.




to avoid disability discrimination we suggested appropriate questions for the candidate and ways to relate the information to the requirements of the role and amended the selection process.




to avoid age discrimination we listened to what they wanted to achieve, designed the advertisement and competence based selection and interviewed with the directors  to find relevant skills and experience.




we listened to what they wanted, designed the selection process and introduced an induction programme to welcome and involve the new employee and gain feedback on their impressions.


We help managers get the best people

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