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We help managers with people leaving their organisation, for both planned and unplanned reasons, especially in preparing for the more difficult conversations and following the stages of formal procedures appropriately.

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how we've helped with people leaving...

an engineering company


there was an argument last week and the fitter told the supervisor he was leaving - he's not come in to work today but we've not had it in writing - what should we do?




a members' club


we have two long standing staff due to retire at age 65 within two months - we want one to stay but not the other - what can we do?




a playgroup


a major local employer is moving from the area so we anticipate fewer children enrolling, resulting in our having more staff than we need - it will mean redundancies but we don't know how many staff we'll need for how long - what can we do?




a business consultancy


MD: I've accused the Sales Director of gross miconduct - I need someone independent to get us through the disciplinary procedure properly.




a firm of surveyors


we have had two big projects cancelled so until we can get other work in we won't be able to pay the full wage bill, but if we don't keep the range of skills we won't be able to get new projects - is there some way we could keep the team together - say on half pay for a few months?




a services organisation


we operate from two sites at opposite ends of the country and we need to close one and concentrate all our work from the other - we'll need a smaller number of staff in the end but we'll need them all to help transfer the work over and maintain customer services whilst it's done - how can we manage this?



our initial advice: 'don't ignore this - investigate the argument and contact the fitter to invite him to talk to you'... the company investigation uncovered bullying and they took disciplinary action.





we explained the necessary steps to follow the Retirement Procedure and, when both asked to continue working, supported the manager through the decisions on the business needs and to prepare for the discussion with each employee.



we outlined the consultation procedure so that they kept the staff informed; designed a fair selection process within grades to maintain the ratio of trained staff to children; and provided the appropriate information and letters for employees throughout the cut back period.




we provided a consultant who followed the company's Disciplinary Procedure; conducted the investigation; chaired the disciplinary meeting and provided a report to the Board that resulted in a fair dismissal.




we set up the appropriate procedure for consulting with staff, explaining the risk of redundancy and proposing a change to their contracted hours for a set period, which all accepted - the firm won a new project that enabled them to return to full time work after three months.






we supported the MD through planning and introducing the proposed changes to staff on both sites; timing transfer of work around the periods of peak workload; consulting employees individually; agreeing programmes of training; temporary transfers and voluntary redundancancies to reduce compulsory redundancy to a minimum.