helping managers manage...

specialists in human resource management & coaching:


We help managers keep their best people by:


  • looking ahead to identify the skills and abilities the business will need to meet its future goals

  • succession planning, identifying vulnerable areas and developing the skills and experience to provide cover

  • keeping a watch on the job market to understand the competitive salary position

  • getting the best out of people, using their strengths to contribute to the needs of the business

  • providing clear guidance on what is expected from each person

  • making sure good performance is appreciated, that poor performance is recognised and managed so that improvements are encouraged and poor performance is addressed

  • having clear policies and procedures so everyone knows what is expected and where they stand in your organisation

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how we've helped with retention...

a building company


we've never had any sort of appraisal system... how can we set something up that our managers can use?




a manufacturer


we just avoided an Employment Tribunal last year and we don't have an employee handbook... how can we get something that just suits what we need?




a membership organisation


we need to make some changes to the structure but we can't promote all the supervisors... how can we do this fairly as we don't want to upset people?




a firm of architects


one of our senior people is technically brilliant but is inclined to upset clients and is not interested in looking after a team - we don't want to lose him so what can we do?




we helped them to: identify the performance to encorage; designed an appraisal process; trained the managers and set up a review of the system.





we asked about their style of working and wrote up their unwritten policies... we also provided missing policies and procedures to meet legal requirements and put their new 'Company Handbook' on their IT system so that it was available to everyone.



we helped the MD to: consult with the staff in developing the new structure to meet the business need; keep the Board of Trustees informed; identify the skills and experience needed for the new roles; and we designed a selection process with feedback and development plan.



we helped the head of the firm to: assess the strengths and weaknesses of the whole team; design a Project Leader role to support the senior colleagues and use it to develop an ambitious architect who was becoming frustrated by an apparent lack of prospects; and introduced an appraisal system.